How to create a ticket on support

In order to report and track issues by our clients in a timely manner, we have given an interactive ticket system. By using this support system client can ask for help by submitting a ticket and client can also view his existing ticket. Not only help, but also Ticket can be used to make other inquiries, design update some other changes in website etc.

Steps to Create a Ticket on Support Portal

1. In order to create a ticket click on our support and then click on Submit a ticket.

2. After clicking on Submit a ticket, you will be provided with a form. A client has to fill up all the details asked in the form.


Please note: Your I.P. Address and your time of ticket submission will be recorded


Also, you have to choose your category of work and also the priority of work.


3. After filling the form Click on Submit ticket. Your ticket is submitted. Now you request will be attended by our expert developers within 24 hours.

Track Your ticket?

1. If you have Submitted a ticket before then you can also check the status of your ticket by clicking on View your existing ticket.


2. After that, you will be provided with a form in which you have to Enter your tracking ID. After Entering your ID click on View ticket. Now You will be able to View your Submitted ticket.

3. In case you forgot your Tracking ID, then click on Forgot Tracking ID. Then Enter your email address. You will receive your code on your email.

We extend our exclusive support services to all our clients, giving an astonishing one on one experience to every one of them with our support services.