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How many products can be managed with this Sales Drive?
 You can have any number of products ranging from 1 to 20,000 or more.
Can I manage multiple warehouses/stores?
Yes, you can easily manage multiple warehouse/stores with same product base. However, if you have different products in each warehouse/store, you can add all products for each warehouse/store (combin...
Can I White label it to have my company name and logo?
Yes, you can. Please update the settings with site name and the logo can be uploaded by visiting the change logo menu link under settings.
How can I change the biller/invoice logo?
upload the biller logo by visiting the change logo menu link under settings. Once logo upload, please edit the biller and choose new logo to update the biller.
Does it supports my barcode scanner/receipt printer/magnetic card reader?
Hardware Support:   1. Receipt Printers:  We have tested the update V3 with Bixolon SRP-350II (USB) with Web Browser Pri
Why I can sell the products even if I don’t have stock in warehouse?
Please check the overselling option in system settings, that would be enabled. You can disable overselling to stop selling products with 0 or lower stock.
Why the products price is defferent on sales page?
Please check the customer group and products tax.
What is the difference between inclusive and exclusive tax on add product page?
Inclusive tax method means that tax is already included in the price. Exclusive tax method means that tax is not included in the price and should be calculated/added separately. For example:
Why reference number is not auto generated while adding sale/purchase and other?
Please leave reference field empty/blank, system will generate reference automatically after submit. This is to avoid the same reference number issue when add records same time.
What does "Clear all locally saved data" button do?
Clear your localStorage, if you have added any item to purcahse, transfer, quote, pos or sale, those all will be cleared.