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Delete A Mailing List Article not rated yet
If you no longer wish to continue using a mailing list, you can delete it. By doing so, the users subscribed to the mailing list will no longer be able to send or receive emails to the list. In order...
Add Moderators For A Mailing List Article not rated yet
About mailing list moderators A moderator is a privileged user who generally controls activities on the mailing list. Typically, the responsibilities of a moderator may include
Forward Emails From A User Account To Another Address Article not rated yet
You can set a forwarding address for a user account if required. By doing so, a copy of all emails sent to that user would be sent to the forwarding address you specify.
Overview Of Mailing Lists Article not rated yet
What is a mailing list? A mailing list is a group of email addresses that can be used to send the same messages to multiple recipients. The entire group of recipients is represented by one mailing li...
Add A New Mailing List Article not rated yet
To add a new mailing list - Go to Mail >> Add Mailing List in your control panel.
Add An Auto-Responder For Any Email Account Article not rated yet
As a domain administrator, you can set an auto-responder for any email account. Whenever an email is sent to that account, the sender receives an automated reply that you specify. In order to set an a...
Mailing List Commands Article not rated yet
About Mailing List commands Mailing lists contain a useful feature - you can use a series of pre-defined email addresses as commands to perform specific actions on the mailing list. For example, a us...
Add Subscribers For A Mailing List Article not rated yet
Once you have created a mailing list, you may want to add subscribers for the list. To add new subscribers - Go to Mail >> Manage Mailing Lists in your control panel.
Manage Your Address Book Article not rated yet
The address book will show you any saved contacts. This will store names and email addresses so that you don't have to remember these while composing emails. The left hand side will display all of the...
Configure Your Email Account On Your Windows 8 Mobile Article not rated yet
1. Swipe left to view the Apps list.   
Configure Your Email Account In Apple Mail 3.6 (Leopard) Article not rated yet
Follow the steps detailed below to use Apple Mail (Leopard) to send/receive emails from your Email account:  
Forward Incoming Email To Another Account Article not rated yet
Add An Automated Response For Your Email Article not rated yet
Each user can enable, disable and modify their own auto-responder from their webmail interface.Enabling the auto-responder would result in an automatic reply being sent out by the Email system as soon...
Using Webmail Filters Article not rated yet
Filters allow you to manage the flow of incoming emails. Using filters, you can automatically move, copy, redirect, discard, or reply your mail, even keep spam out-- all based on a combination of subj...
Webmail Basics Article not rated yet
Reading and managing mails  When you first login, your inbox is automatically displayed. To view an email, simply click on the subject. The selected email will be highlighte
Configure Your Email Account On Your iPad Article not rated yet
1. Tap Settings on your iPad home screen. If you have installed additional apps from Apple's App Store, this button may be located on a different home screen than the one pictur...
File extensions that are not allowed as attachments Article not rated yet
From a security perspective, our Mail Server would reject inbound mails containing attachments with any of the following file extensions: .ade
FAQs - Moving from Personal Email to Business Email Article not rated yet
Q. What will happen after the expiry? Once the order has expired, we will disable its outgoing mail functionality completely f